3 Community building tips for growth

Build your business and community at the same time

Mar 22, 2022

Whether you’re a seasoned agent or new to the business, engaging with your local community is great to network and grow your client base. That means rolling up your sleeves and getting involved at a grassroots level. Here are three tips for getting involved.

1. Engage in community service

Helping people and businesses find health insurance requires trust between clients and their agents. Trust is earned little by little through your actions, and what better way to start than getting involved in your community. Start by prioritizing what you feel passionate about and seek out opportunities that align.

If your kids are active in sports, the arts, or clubs, take on a role as a coach or mentor. Not only is this building a bond with your children, but you’ll build trust and get to know community members who volunteer alongside you and those who attend. In addition, they’ll get to know you, your interests and your leadership abilities.

Get involved with the city council. As an insurance agent, you actively listen to clients and develop multiple solutions for them. Listening and problem-solving are essential qualities to be an influential council member too. Not only does this show that you’re invested in the community and genuinely want to solve problems affecting your neighbors, but you’ll be face-to-face with area business leaders and a network of potential clients.

2. Get digital

There are 17 million opinion leaders on LinkedIn, and 80% of people on the social network drive business decisions. That means building an online community by producing content and broadcasting your authority in health insurance helps make more connections and creates a lead funnel.

You attend training and webinars full of insider information that businesses and individuals alike can use to navigate the health insurance landscape. Use that information and create articles, podcasts and social media posts that showcase your industry expertise. Not only will you gain followers, but you’ll find deep and meaningful connections.

Another way to build an online community is through social media groups. On LinkedIn, more than 2 million active groups and 8,000 new groups are formed almost every week. The typical LinkedIn group member will join seven groups. Find groups related to insurance, local chambers of commerce or even start your own.

You’ll be connected to decision-makers, thought leaders and like-minded professionals who want to learn. Be authentic, connect with people personally and professionally, grow your network and conduct market research for free with group surveys.

3. Be local and buy local

Having office supplies, tech support, catering and a myriad of other services and tools can help to keep your business running. Supporting your local economy is good for local businesses and your business.

Deciding to purchase office supplies, computers or catering from a local business shows your commitment to your community and opens the door to a meaningful relationship. Of course, computers, printers, and paper are essential, but vendors you use also need health insurance. In addition, having a personal connection with your vendors might spark common interests, lead to referrals or even to becoming a client and friend.

Listening, cultivating meaningful relationships and serving others is vital to finding fulfillment in your work and personal life. When you build relationships within your community, you also build trust. So start building your community and continue growing your business.

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