Your Advance Care Planning Checklist

Who will make your health care decisions? Take control of your health care decisions by thinking ahead.

Think about what your health care wishes are for treatment and care. What would you want if your health declines and you’re unable to communicate? (Use Advance Care Planning Personal Worksheet for questions to review.) 

  • Choose health care agents (someone who you trust, knows you well and would advocate for your health care wishes). 
  • Speak with the people you have elected as your health care agents to ensure they feel comfortable acting in the role as your health care agent. 

Share your health care wishes with your health care agents, additional family or close friends, clergy and physician. 

  • Complete Advance Directives (Living Will and Power of Attorney for Health Care) 
  • Provide copies of your advance directives to your health care agents and health care facilities (hospital, clinic, nursing home, assisted living and physician’s office).
    • Place the original in a safe location that is easily accessible. (If you travel frequently, place a copy in your glove compartment box or suitcase.) 
    • Review your advance directives at least every decade, with any health decline, new diagnosis, death, divorce or family discord. 
    • Remember that Advance Care Planning is a process. If your wishes change, tell your health care agents, family, physician and everyone who has copies of your advance directive. It may be necessary to complete a new advance directive to reflect your current wishes.