Flu vaccinations

Be well by getting your flu shot every year

Because flu virus types can change from season to season, to best protect you from getting the flu, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends you receive a seasonal flu vaccination each year.

If you see an SSM Health provider

Schedule your flu vaccination through MyChart.

If you see a non-SSM Health provider

Contact your PCP's office or get your vaccination at a pharmacy. If you receive pharmacy benefits through a carrier other than WellFirst Health, be sure to confirm insurance coverage for any vaccine provided at your pharmacy. See our flu vaccination reimbursement form.

Seasonal flu updates 

You can receive either the injectable flu vaccine or the FluMist vaccine. FluMist is given to you through a nasal spray. Both versions are covered benefits this year.

Visit cdc.gov/flu for the latest information on the seasonal flu—including, how to prevent, symptoms and diagnosis, and treatment.

Ages 65 and over

In addition to the seasonal flu vaccine, we are offering a high-dose flu vaccine (Fluzone high-dose) specifically created for adults 65 and over to better protect this age group from seasonal influenza.