What is the SBC document?

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The Summary of Benefits and Coverage summarizes health insurance information and provides estimated costs of commonly used services. This document is standardized and was implemented as part of the Affordable Care Act. It is intended to provide a consistent format across all health insurance plans. We hope that the SBC document, along with helpful customer care resources, will make health insurance clearer to understand and easier to manage.

If you are unclear about any of the terms used in the SBC, you may reference a standard glossary provided by the Federal Government. The glossary terms and definitions are intended to be educational and may be different from the terms and definitions in your plan. You can also request a paper copy.

See your SBC

Coverage details

The SBC is only a summary. If you would like more details about the costs and coverage under the terms of your policy, contact Customer Service at 833-842-2159.

Medical plan premiums

You can find information about the 2023 medical plan premiums in the 2023 Benefits Highlight booklet. If you have premium-related questions, email Medica HR.