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Check out everything Living Healthy, powered by WebMD, has to offer. Take a self-assessment, join a challenge and explore other interactive tools.

Take on a challenge

Join one of the many health challenges we offer throughout the year to create new health habits from being active to being more mindful. You can even team up with others to cheer each other on. Activity examples include: Invitational Team Steps Challenge, Rethink your Drink and Seize the Zzzz.

Track your Daily Habits

Select a goal or habit you want to start or improve and hold yourself accountable with a Daily Habit plan that offers tips and tricks along the way. Some things you can track include social connectedness, better sleep and back health.

Mental health podcasts

Learn about topics ranging from financial wellness to mental health.

Sync your device

Check out the device connection center to sync your apps and devices. 

Wellness At Your Side app

Sync your Living Healthy desktop account with your mobile device no matter where you are. Use the QR code to download the app.

  • Download and open the app. Then enter your Connection Code: LivingHealthy (case sensitive) and sign in using your WebMD username and password.
  • Note: All users must register through a desktop computer before logging into the app on a mobile device.

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